• Smart Accountant

    Smart accountant is a complete accounting solution that has been designed and developed with everything you need to run a business smoothly. With its powerful reporting, analysis, and automation features, it is sure to make your life as easy as possible. It is also designed with beautiful and clean UI/UX, which makes it even better. Take your business to the next level with our system!

  • Features

    • Branch
      You don't need to use a different system for each branch, Smart Accountant can connect all branches to each other.
    • Account
      You can set the authority for each of the accounts as you want
    • Product
      The increase in production is unlimited at the same time you can set more than one price for each of the products
    • Customer
      You can be aware of buying and returning your customer debts
    • Customer
      You can be aware of your employees' salaries and information
    • Store
      You can add multiple stores to each branch and easily control them, and be aware of how many products are left and how many products have come to the store.
    • Currency
      You can change the price of the currency according to the day. For example, the price of Us dollar against Iraqi dinar
    • Dark mode
      With one click, you can toggle dark mode.
    • Report
      Get report of all sales, profit, loss and more for each of the products and customers for each branches.
  • Why Smart Accountant ?

    Time saving

    With using your smart accounting system, your work will be very fast. you and your employees will be away from your handiwork.

    Fast and Secure

    We have given full importance to this system and has been created in a very advanced way that is secure and away from slowing down

    Beautiful & Clean UI/UX

    Smart Accountant have very beautiful and clean UI/UX design and also has a simple and beautiful theme that every single tone has to use without any education.

  • Smart Accountant is for who?

    small to large companies that sell services or wherever they buy and sell such as supermarkets , mobile stores , mobile phones , pharmacies , restaurants , cafes and others.

    We can also create a special system for you according to the way you work.

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