• Content management system

    Meet the content management system for your website - all in one, easy-to-use platform. A CMS is the perfect choice for your work if you have a web presence, no matter how small or large. You'll have an easy time managing and editing your site's content.

  • Features

    • Account management
      You can set the authority for each of the accounts as you want
    • Category management
      You can easily manage categories
    • Topic management
      It's a new style and it's very easy to publish topics
    • Language management
      You can add any language you want, even to your topics.
    • List management
      The system is like a category, which accounts can create a list to put topics
    • File management
      The system is strong and protected so that accounts can easily upload their files and be used for topics or for other purposes.
  • Request Content Management System

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  • Demo

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